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 Each year, the Divinity School awards prizes for specific student achievements:

  1. The Milo P. Jewett Prize is awarded annually in the spring quarter “to that member of the student body of the Divinity School who shall be pronounced by competent judges to have submitted the best-written paper translating, interpreting, or applying to a contemporary situation the Holy Scriptures, or a passage therefrom, regard being had to the most effective expression to the meaning and spirit of the sacred text.” In recent years, the money has also funded travel for research by advanced students concentrating in Bible. Recent winners of the Jewett Prize include:
    1. 2014 Steven Michael Grafton Philp
    2. 2013 Kelly Anne Gardner
    3. 2012 Jordan Skornik
  2. The John Gray Rhind Award has been presented annually since 1979 to an advanced student in the ministry program at the Divinity School whose excellence in academic and professional training gives notable promise of a significant contribution to the life of the church. Recent winners of the Rhind Award include:
    1. 2017 Saeed Richardson
    2. 2016 Marcus Christian Lohrman
    3. 2015 Mary Ellen Jebbia and Kathryn Barnard Ray
    4. 2014 Leah Marie Boyd and Steven Michael Grafton Philp
  3. The Susan Colver-Rosenberger Educational Prize is awarded annually in rotation to a Ph.D. student in education, theology, or sociology. The object of the prize is to stimulate constructive study and original research and to develop practical ideas for the improvement of educational objectives and methods or for the promotion of human welfare. The most recent Divinity School graduates to receive the Colver-Rosenberger Prize are:
    1. 2004 Jonathan Gold and Paul Kollman
  4. The J. Coert Rylaarsdam Prize is awarded annually to reward a deserving Divinity School student who has made special efforts to promote interfaith relations with particular reference to the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim traditions.
    These efforts may be curricular or extracurricular. Recent winners of the Rylaarsdam Prize include:
    1. 2012 Rachel Graaf Leslie
    2. 2011 Devin O'Rourke
  5. The Tikva Frymer-Kensky Memorial Prize is awarded annually to the student who has written the most accomplished essay integrating the materials and insights of at least two of the fields to which Professor Frymer-Kensky's own scholarship contributed: Hebrew Bible, biblical law, ancient Near Eastern studies, and ritual and/or feminist theology.
    1. 2014 Liane Marquis
    2. 2013 Liane Marquis
    3. 2012 Jessica Andruss
    4. 2010 Matthijs Den Dulk

6. The Divinity School Prize for Excellence in Teaching is to recognize and encourage the superior preparation of our doctoral students for careers in teaching.  This award is given annually on the basis of self-nomination and the evaluation of a candidate's teaching portfolio. 
          1. 2017 Katherine Mershon and Michael LeChevallier
          2. 2015 Mary Emily Duba          
          3. 2014 Rick Elgendy